About Renee

I’m a wreck most of the time. What more do you need to know? LOL.I’m an author of paranormal erotic romance, contemporary steamy romance, and menages. My themes range from traditional het, to MM, to MMF, to MFM. I love it all! Oh, and I love to cook, long walks on the beach, alone time, together time, my hubby, my kiddle, and reading (reading is so much fun! lol). Oh, and how can I forget — I love watching television. Reality TV is just about the best thing since sliced bread. Also, anything sci-fi on tv or at the movies, I’m totally in. Hello! Or funny, yeah, like the funny.

When I was a kid, I was like totally manic (not a lot has changed). My mom said I was the only child she had that she would get pissed just looking at me. Flattering, I know. I was a bit of a hood in high school. All about the classic rock and heavy metal, concert jerseys, thick black eye-liner, button fly jeans, and high top tennis shoes. Met my husband and started dating him the night I graduated from high school. He rocked my world, oh yah. That was in 1986, but still feels like yesterday.

I’ve got a long resume of mindless and not so mindless jobs that I’ve done in the past. Let’s see… waitress, line worker in a factory, auto glass store manager, ARMY, medic, nurse (got my nursing degree in the early 90’s), associate editor, editor, publisher, artist, author (got my English degree in the 2005 — so no more nursey-nursey for me!), wife, mother, college instructor, indentured servant… I could go on, but I’ll spare you!

I’ve a brown belt in Tae Kwon Do, though I haven’t progressed since I quit when I got pregnant with my son 20 years ago. But I used to be totally kick ass. *grin*

Anything else you want to know, I’m an open book. So just ask me, I’ll give you all the nitty gritty dirt.