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Ricky McNeil doesn’t do relationships, especially with hot, rich dudes like Alex Michaels. No, he and Alex find mutual and intense satisfaction together–and if Ricky thinks about Alex too often and wants him too much … that doesn’t mean anything. Right?

Alex wants Ricky day and night, but figures asking for an exclusive relationship with the sexy, tattooed man is the best way to scare him off.  Even so, Alex can’t resist inviting Ricky to his parents’ home for a holiday barbecue. No one’s more surprised than Alex when Ricky says yes.

Will attending a family event as a couple bring them closer together … or be the end of everything between them?


A delicious tension rose in Alex when Ricky stroked his face and curled a hand behind his neck. Suddenly, he felt dizzy and light headed, the tightening in his chest threatening to burst him wide open. His pulse hammered with anticipation. When Ricky pulled him down and their lips brushed, he nearly collapsed to the ground.

“What about these,” Ricky said, his voice low and seductive. “Are these pretty lips mine?”

“Yes,” Alex whispered. “Yes.”

Ricky’s hand trailed down Alex’s neck to his chest, his hand resting over Alex’s heart. “And this? Can I have this too?”

“Fu-uck,” he stuttered, reaching back to brace himself.

“Is that a no?”

“No,” Alex said. His skin dampened as his whole body trembled. “I mean, not a no. Jesus, I’m sweating.” His breath quickened, and he felt the edge of a panic attack. God, Ricky was going to be the death of him.

“Slow down, Alex,” Ricky said, his voice calm. “Just breathe.”

Alex took a deep breath, held it for a second, and then blew it out slowly.

Ricky wrapped his arms around Alex’s waist and kissed his neck. “Again.”

He took another deep breath and after a slow exhalation, Ricky’s lips drifted across his again. Alex leaned down, slanting his mouth into the kiss, melting against Ricky’s body as he opened for the delicious invasion. The heated stroke of his lover’s tongue inside his mouth felt electric. They didn’t usually kiss. Not like this. They didn’t do this kind of intimacy. They didn’t…

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Check out Pride-Promotions! Great packages for GLBT authors!

Check out Pride-Promotions! Great packages for GLBT authors!