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The Lion Kings available at!

One curvy psychic. Two alpha lion shifters. A sexy adventure for three.

For six months, curvy Madeline Granger has been overwhelmed by an almost magnetic pull that has kept her on the road, traveling all over the Midwest and erotically dreaming of two men… her lion kings. When she wakes up in Kansas, just outside the perimeter of a traveling carnival, it miraculously feels like coming home. But after she meets the two men who shouldn’t exist outside her own mind, it’s hard for her to reconcile that her dream lovers are two very real and sexy men, not imaginary. All she knows for certain is she wants them both.

Adam Michaels and his brother Cage, both lion-shifters, not only run Pantheros & Co Carnival, they are the stars. Making a home for his crew of misfits and outcasts was Adam’s dream. Cage was his most desperate rescue, and after a profound loss, Adam worries that Cage’s grief will drive him toward a brutality he can’t come back from.

The last thing either lion-shifter expected was Madeline Granger. She might be the answer to Adam’s prayers, in more ways than one, if he can get Cage to look past his pain. But, can Adam and Cage see Madeline as more than a substitute Clary? And can Madeline rescue two Kings drowning in their own sorrow?

**This book contains scorching hot, melt your panties M/F/M scenes and is meant for an adult audience.**

Meet Cage and Adam, the Lion Kings, in this exclusive excerpt!


CAGE snarled as he waited for Adam to arrive at the tent to practice their routine. They’d thrown in a few new tricks that needed to be perfected. Too kill time he did pull-ups on the lowered trapeze bar until his biceps burned. He let go, dropping the few feet to the center ring. That woman! His frustration grew with every minute Adam allowed her to stay.

He’d marked her palm with his scent! How could he so callously scent another woman who wasn’t Clary? He paced with aggressive energy. He needed a good work out. Something to take the piss and vinegar, as Marlena liked to say, out of him. He began jogging the rings, his mind racing with every step. The woman had felt so good in his arms, so vulnerable and sexy. When she’d stroked his face, his instinct took over as he’d rubbed himself against her hand. Her supple thigh, her curvy body pressed against his, had made his cock jerk to attention. It had also snapped him out of the spell she put him under.

Clary had been human, but she’d been an anomaly, like the rest of Pantheros & Company. She’d been a psychic—a real medium with the ability to foresee the future. His heart sank as he wished he could talk to her again. Hold her just one more time. Her death had left a hole in Cage, and it seemed nothing and no one could fill.

Except when he’d held the irritating woman. Why did he have these feelings for this stranger, this human female, so frail… so much like Clary? Why did Maddie feel so right in his arms? Anger exploded in Cage and he grabbed the nearest item, a small wooden stand. He threw it across the ring, roaring his rage and loss and grief, as it shattered against the hard dirt floor.

Adam ducked inside the tent before Cage could grab the next stand. “Calm yourself, brother.”

Cage sagged to his knees, the rage sputtering until it was no more than an ember in his gut. Adam wasted no time coming to his side. He squatted next to Cage and put his arms around him. “I think she’s meant to be ours, brother.”

“No,” Cage said with hollow denial. She felt like theirs already, but he couldn’t reconcile his new feelings for Maddie with his grief for Clary Sage.

“We shall see,” was all Adam said. “Let’s practice. Or are you too tired?”

“I’m ready.” Cage looked at Adam, holding back the unshed tears.

Adam placed his hand on the back of Cage’s neck, his fingers massaging into the tightly knotted muscles. “I know you are.”

ADAM hurt for Cage. He could see how conflicted his brother was over Madeline. She’d thrown Adam for a loop in the beginning, but now that he’d had time to think about her, and their connection to her, he understood that a true match rarely came along once in a lifetime. It would be foolish of him and Cage to turn away from a second chance out of loyalty to their lost love.

His chest squeezed as he remembered Clary. He thought there would never be another woman after her, but this Madeline was proving that maybe the gods did know mercy. Cage would say if the gods were involved then Madeline was a cruel joke. She was so different from Clary. Clary had been docile, almost submissive—exactly what two dominant males needed in a mate. Her beauty was only rivaled by her generosity and kindness. She’d been able to soothe Cage in a way Adam couldn’t. He loved her for saving Cage from his own demons.

Madeline was a different creature all together. If Clary had been sharpened steel, Madeline was a blunt edge. In a very short time, Adam learned she was quick to judge, quick to anger, and quick to passion. He smelled it on her with every encounter. Clary had taken longer to come around—a slow burn. She’d been uncertain about mating with two lion-shifters and becoming their queen. It had taken almost of year of courting for her to finally agree. Their time as a trio had been cut short too soon. Nearly two years of pure happiness—he’d almost forgotten what Cage had been like before she loved them, before they’d claimed her.

As he watched his brother torment himself over the loss, Adam knew Madeline would never replace Clary, but it didn’t mean they couldn’t learn to love again. When Madeline had touched his hand at breakfast, he could smell Cage’s scent on her. She would have had to have touched his face, and he would have had to release the oil from the tiny glands at the side of his mouth on purpose.

What had happened in the short time it had taken Madeline to leave Alana’s trailer and find her way to the dining area? Cage was too keyed up to ask him now. Adam would wait until tonight. He’d wait until Cage relaxed next to him, where he could calm his brother if needed. He would wait.


Want to know more? Read a First Chapter excerpt HERE!

The Lion Kings available at!

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