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Authors Giving Thanks (Plus a $25 Gift Credit Drawing!)

I asked several of my author friends to tell me what they are thankful for this year, and most of them were only too happy to join in! These are some of my favorite authors and, undoubtedly, some of my favorite people in this world. I, like all of them, are thankful for readers, who without, we would not have jobs! *grin*

To celebrate the reader, I invite you to read through the authors’ thanks, then comment on your favorites and tell us what you are thankful for. (This will automatically enter you for the drawing! You must include your email, so I can notify you if you win).

I will randomly draw a name from the comments early on Friday, November 23, 2012. That person will be the owner of a brand new, shiny $25 GC for! Just in time for Black Friday!

I will announce the winner here on the blog and on my FB Author Page.

This is an eclectic group of authors who write in multiple genres including erotic, romance, horror, YA, and suspense, and even more themes than I can list!

As you read through, I encourage you to “Friend” or “Like” authors who write what you love! Also, don’t forget to “Like” this page. (See the “like” button up top?)

Oh, and remember: To thank an author, buy a book!

*Disclaimer: You must be 18 or older to be eligible for the drawing.

“In this world of uncertainties, I’m thankful for the people and things I can count on in this life. My family, my friends, my fellow authors (who are sometimes both family and friends), my publishers (Changeling Press and Etopia Press), and the fans who keep me wanting to tell my stories. Thank you all. Hugs and love on this Thanksgiving.” Renee George, Author of Paranormal Erotic Romance

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“I’m thankful for great friends that are better than family and for having enough. LOL, I’m simple, less stress equals a very thankful Emma Ray!” Emma Ray Garrett, Author of Erotic Romance

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“I’m thankful for a good concealer and eyebrow wax. Because dark circles under your eyes and Siberian huskies on your forehead are unkind in photographs” Dakota Cassidy, Author of Paranormal, Contemporary Romance and Erotic Romance

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“When we take each others’ hands and say grace this Thanksgiving, we are really holding one another’s hearts.  I am thankful that the people seated at the table will share not only one day, but a lifetime of things to be thankful.” Rhonda Laurel, Author of Erotic romance

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“What I am thankful for is DH. Yep. Simple and easy. Why? I’ve got lots of friends who will stick by me through thick and thin. Lots who will laugh with me, but he picks me up when I’m low, cheers me on when I do something well, and encourages me to do better when I goof up (Yep, epic mistakes–grin). But he supports what I write and loves the research. Yep. I’m thankful for DH” Megan Slayer, Author of Erotic Romance

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“I am more thankful than I can say for my “writing village,” and that includes my writer friends, my reader friends and the professionals (agent, editor, publicists production people, publisher IT gal, etcetera) who are there for me throughout the year. It not only takes a village to write a book, it takes the whole damned village to keep the author sane long enough to finish the blasted things. I’m also thankful for the husband who hasn’t murdered me yet and hidden the body in the compost heap. Yeah. That guy too.” Kate Douglas, Author of Erotic Romance and Urban Fantasy

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“I am thankful for achieving my ambition to become a full-time author. Extra sepcial thanks and hugs go to my husband for ensuring this dream came true.” Catherine Cavendish. Author of Horror

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“I am thankful for all the people who love Jane as much as I do. I am also thankful for cheese. Viva la cheese!” Nicole Peeler, Author of Urban Fantasy

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“I’m thankful for the fans. Without the fans of my work, I wouldn’t get anything done. Sounds strange,  but it’s true. Sometimes the characters will stop talking to me. They get really quiet from time to time. But then I hear or read something nice from a reader and they want to talk again. It’s miraculous. I love it. So thank you to all my readers. Without you, they’d be quiet and I’d be bored. Grin.” Wendi Zwaduk, Author of Erotic Romance

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“What would I do without my wonderful family, my friends, my readers and Etopia Press, my fantastic publishing company? I am so grateful for them all. Sometimes I can’t believe how lucky I am to have been born in a country where hard work can still make your dreams come true.” Ally Shields, Author of Urban Fantasy

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“I am thankful for my fiance, for my family, for writing, for books, for all of my friends and fans, for chocolate, for vodka, for Starbuck’s, and for BFF Renee George. My life is made of awesome!” Michele Bardsley, Author of Paranormal Romance and Erotic Romance

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“I am thankful for my family and my faith. I am also thankful to be a woman. As much as I love men in general, they simply don’t have the same logic as a woman. I’m grateful to live in a day and age where I can read and write what I want; what interests me — instead of having my choices limited by an anonymous few. I wish everyone out there a very Happy Thanksgiving – even to those world wide. It’s not country-specific to give thanks and love.” Ayla Ruse, Author of Erotic Romance

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“I am thankful that, unlike the characters in my books, I do not have a horrific parasite living inside of me, nobody is poking a voodoo doll of me, I haven’t had to dig up any graves, werewolves/ vampires/zombies aren’t causing any inconvenience in my life, my best friend is not a serial killer, and my body parts are all intact.” Jeff Strand, Author of Horror and YA Horror

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“I am thankful for all the love surrounding me from my children, grandchildren and friends both furry and not :) Love truly does make life worth living.” Anne Kane, Author of Erotic Romance

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“This Thanksgiving, I’m so grateful for all the proud freaks outthere. Cherish your uniqueness. Relish in your quirky delights!” –Amanda Feral, author of Stocking Full of Coal, Fetish Erotic Romance

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“I’m grateful that I can eat as much pumpkin pie as I want on Thanksgiving Day because calories don’t count on holidays!” Riley Ashford, Author of Erotic Romance

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“I’m thankful to have a roof over my head, my family and friends, and the ability to be able to do the job that I love.” Selena Illyria, Author of Erotic Romance

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“I’m grateful for many things, but mostly I’m grateful to Dante. He has been the Glass Widower, the one no one saw, but the one who mourned equally with me. He has stuck by me and occasionally booted me in the butt when I needed motivation. Without him, there would be no more dreams left to fuel my comatose muse at all. Because of him, I know she will reawaken when she’s ready. He’s the reason I finished “Don’t Need A Hero” when I was nearly bent in two with sorrow…because authors need heroes too.” Lena Austin, Author of Erotic Romance

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“I am most thankful for (this year) recipe websites. The domesticity bug bit me hard and I’ve been trying to be more adventurous with cooking (so long as there is a recipe) and the many recipe sites out there have helped tons. Hopefully the recipe sites’ help will continue with my very first turkey (pray for the turkey).” Zenobia Renquist, Author of Erotic Romance

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“I am truly grateful for family–the ones I was born with, and the ones I have created over the years. They kick me in the ass when I am stubborn, will pop any head swelling before it gets visible from space, will tell me to slow it down when I rush ahead to fast, and are always there to catch my falls. I know I am not the best at opening up and keeping in touch, but my family are always there for me, and I strive to be there for them. I have a huge family and they keep me on the straight and narrow… well, they keep me doing what I need to be doing most of the time. They can be far flung, some over seas, and some a few miles away, yet to each and every member of my family, I go to my knees and give thanks for. That and heels… a really good pair of heels make my bony legs look great and give me the intimidation factor I have come to enjoy.” Stephanie Burke, Author of Erotic Romance

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“I’m thankful for Nutella. Without Nutella, none of my stories would have been possible. (grins) Of course, I’m thankful for my reading buddies, family, and super wonderful hubby.  I’m also thankful for the generosity of writers like you, Renee. (big hugs) You make Romanceland a great place to be!” Cynthia Sax, Author Erotic Romance

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“I’m thankful for my grandmother’s love of romance. Without her introduction to such an awesome genre, I never would have met so many wonderful readers and writers. On a side note, I’m also thankful for tea. Hot, iced, or slow steeped, I am a sucker for the beverage. It keeps me sane in the middle of writing insanity.” Dawn Montgomery, Author of Erotic Romance

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“I am thankful that I live in Florida and never have to see that hideous stuff called snow ever again! I am also thankful for getting the chance to chase my dreams and make AWESOME new friends!!” Casey Holloway, Author of Paranormal Romance

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“I’m thankful for having such a supportive network of friends and family. Everyday they encourage me to keep striving for success and I can’t ever say thank you enough.” –Milly Taiden, author of Paranormal Erotic Romance

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“I am thankful for love. Love brought me my soulmate to whom I’ve been married for over thirty years. It brought me so many good friends and my wonderful dog. And it brought me my second profession – writing novels about the search for and finding of sweet love. The greatest is love. ” Tara Lain, Author of Erotic Romance

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“Happy thanksgiving, all! I’m truly thankful for all our wonderful Changelings, readers, writers, and staff.” Shelby Morgen, Author of Paranormal Erotic Romance

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“Oh man, I don’t even know where to begin with this. From my heart, I am the most thankful for my perfectionist, left-brained, super-organized husband who tolerates his unorganized, right-brained, creatively flaky wife, my two daughters, Peanut (who is an 8yr old version of me) and the Demon Princess (who is a 5yr old version of my husband) who make me smile and laugh and scream with frustration every day. My writing friends who support me and talk me off the edge every day (yes, this includes you, Ms George). Oh and I am very very thankful for Doctor Who, because if it wasn’t for my brothers making me watch Doctor Who when I was six, I don’t think I’d be the writer I am now.” Lexxie Couper, Author of Paranormal and Contemporary Erotic Romance

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“I’m thankful for quiet mornings and evenings, a functioning laptop, and M&Ms. I’m thankful when the vet bill is small and the royalty check is big. I’m thankful for my friends and family who push my writing along when I procrastinate or just get crabby. ” Belinda McBride, Author of Paranormal Erotic Romance

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