Day 11

No big words of wisdom here today. I didn’t smoke. That’s my accomplishment. And I wanted to smoke less today than I did yesterday. So again, a small victory.

I exercised this morning on the treadmill. Only made it 27 minutes for a walk of 1.02 miles. But considering I was ready to pack it in by 8 minutes, I feel pretty good about it. My thighs feel like I’ve been bull riding, which I think has everything to do with the 13 minutes of pilates/yoga I did three days ago. Exercise sucks.

My lungs are still junkie and wheezy. Pretty damn sick of  “healing” my body is going through. I’m trying not to let it get me down. I’m taking fish oil, vit d, vit c, and ibuprofen. (Trying to cover all my bases.) My husband is being supportive by not smoking around me. He keeps heading off to his office to smoke. It’s like a foggy dungeon in there. My son had to be told I had quit smoking, the 16 year-old didn’t even friggin’ notice.

Well, until tomorrow night, that’s my update. Not a lot of drama today and I can’t say I’m sad about it. :-)