New book – New cover! June 15th Release Date

Dying Room Only by Renee George


Alex Gibbs, a new vampire — suicidal, strung out, and blood hungry — goes hunting at a Kansas City club known for its paranormal tolerance. Gorgeous werewolf Rafir Caras, an ex-Army Ranger who works security at the club, instantly feels drawn to Alex. The young vampire feels like “pack.” Instead of killing Alex, Rafir takes him home to save him.

Rafir’s plan has one major roadblock — his lover and only other pack member, Julia Deihl. Julia had been sold into slavery to a European master vampire when she was a teenager. Twenty years later and ten years free, she hates vampires, and has vowed she will never be a blood-monkey for any of them ever again.

Alex wishes he could end it all, Rafir is determined to rescue him, while Julia is hell-bent on seeing to his demise. The three of them together are volatile, unpredictable, and erotically charged — a sexy combination with the potential to heal the wounds of their pasts and present.


“Reneé George has taken a vampire with a death wish, a powerful yet protective werewolf and a traumatized human intent on murder and created a surprisingly sexy yet tender erotic romance. Dying Room Only was not at all what I expected—in spite of its short novella length, it’s a whole lot more. Definitely an enjoyable read for fans of erotic paranormal romance.”

Kate Douglas, best-selling author of Wolf Tales, DemonSlayers, and the upcoming Spirit Wild series, all from Kensington Publishing.